Friday, July 12, 2013

La Vida Flamenca 1977 Documentary by Pat TerHeun

Directed by: Pat TerHeun
Featuring on guitar: Augustin Rios and the Gastoreña familia
Singers: Eugenia Rios Amaya, Gitanito, Ampara Soto
Dancers: Milagros Rios Amaya, Pepe Rios, La Pura, Pili de Sevilla, Ansonini del Puerto

Excerpt from: "Moron a Way of Life"
...Despite these facts, a turn of events and the presence of the most original of all gitano guitarists caused Donn. E. Pohren -an avid American flamenco enthusiast- to decide to buy a plot of land on the outskirts of this town to set up a kind of boardinghouse. Enthusiasts from all over the world visited this establishment, most of them American. Five fiestas a week were celebrated, with artists like Juan Talega, Perrate, Fernanda and Bernarda de Utrera, Anzonini del Puerto, Fernandillo de Morón, Antonio Mairena, Joselero, Andorrano, Dieguito, Agustín Rios, Paco, Juan, and especially Diego del Gastor. ...{full article here}


  1. Donde se puede comprar una copia de este documental? La Vida Flamenca 1977 Documentary by Pat TerHeun

  2. Esmeralda, envié un mensaje a la página web que publicó el video. Voy a hacerle saber cómo comprar cuando escucho de ellos. -- Beth

  3. Profound documentary Beth a wonderful find


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