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40 years ago today you left us DIEGO DEL GASTOR.

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40 years ago today you left us DIEGO DEL GASTOR.

When we talk about the history of flamenco guitar inexorably must refer to Gastor. His flair and especially flamenco, took you to a special place that is difficult to leave. Those who have not had the luck of being able to listen live, we have the opportunity to make it through everything we left recorded a priceless treasure of incalculable value that generates and feeds this his art.

His name was DIEGO FLORES AMAYA and born in Arriate (Málaga) one March 27, 1908. What of Gastor (Cádiz) is because it was in that village where he grew up before moving to Moron de la Frontera, in the province of Seville, where he lived until the end of his days.

Diego del Gastor, who attended three years at the conservatory, was, in its beginnings, influenced by El Niño Ricardo, Ramón Montoya, and Pepe Naranjo, and when accompanying for singing, developing a kind of improvisation with guitar which motivated even the singers. He accompanied many of them and, today, this roll is pure and authentic flamenco history.

The best colaboration was developed with the unforgettable JOSELERO DE MORÓN (pictured above left with Gastor). Both flamencos were brothers, and more than brothers, what recordings that we have left, you can see and intuitive complicity and taste, truly exemplary. Diego also accompanied other singers of his time: Manolito María, Juan Talega, Fernandillo de Morón, Perrate de Utrera, Fernanda y Bernarda de Utrera, Rosalía de Triana, Antonio Mairena, Curro Mairena, José Menese.

Below are links to the best way to remind and honor him.

Rito y Geografía del Cante Flamenco - Diego del Gastor.
Diego del Gastor y Luis Torres Cadiz "Joselero": Seguiriyas.
Manolito el de Maria y Diego del Gastor. Solea de Alcala.
Diego del Gastor & Fernandillo de Morón. Ramillete de Bulerías.
Juan Talega con Diego del Gastor. Siguiriyas.
Rosalía de Triana & Diego del Gastor. Bulerías por Soleá.
Gaspar de Utrera y Diego del Gastor. Coplas por Bulerias.
Perrate De Utrera y Diego Del Gastor. Siguiriyas.
Curro Mairena & Diego del Gastor. Bulerías por Soleá.
Fernanda de Utrera y Diego el Gastor _ Soleares _ 1967.mp4
Bernarda de Utrera y Diego de el Gastor. Fandangos por Soleá.
José Menese y Diego Del Gasto. Tientos-Tangos.

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