Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Award-winning Documentary -- Bajari: Gipsy Barcelona - Official Trailer

Documentary by Eva Vila Purti, 2012, Spain, 84'

Flamenco is one of the world's few art forms that is believed to be passed down exclusively through bloodlines. For Barcelona's Gypsy community, it cannot be learned at a school or on paper. It is lived within the home, created at the bar and perfected on the street corner. Bajari goes to all those places with the dancer Karime Amaya (pictured)-who is working with some of the most talented up-and-coming musicians and dancers to create an innovative show-and little 5-year old Juanito Manzano who takes his first steps to dance in it and earn his white flamenco boots. Their experiences form a journey of discovery of this living tradition and create an intimate portrait of how flamenco's legacy is kept alive within Barcelona's tight-knit Gypsy community. -- Trailer del documental producido por Lastor Media y dirigido por Eva Vila, que retrata la Barcelona Calé de hoy en día, a partir de la historia del niño aspirante a bailaor, Juanito Manzano, y el viaje de Karime Amaya, nieta de Carmen Amaya, a sus orígenes. Seleccionada en IDFA 2012, sección oficial Panorama.

Official Selection - IDFA 2012

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  1. Flamenco is the soul and essence of the people from Andalucia,Spain.This is where this unique and explosive Art of Flamenco was born.It has arabic influence and was adopted by the Gypsy´s from Andalucia,who added there share of creativity and personal style.This is the origin of Flamenco.Other concepts of The origin of Flamenco are mistaken.


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