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American Gypsy by Jasmine Dellal

AMERICAN GYPSY....2000 ( DVD Home version + an Educational version, see for further info below ) - Preview format: DVD (NTSC or PAL available). Languages: English & Romani.

Shot over five years, Jasmine Dellal’s “American Gypsy” follows Jimmy Marks’ struggle for justice- the first time a camera has ever been allowed in to explore the world of America’s one million Gypsies, or Rom, who have long been mysterious to outsiders. Includes extras (interviews, trailers, CD soundtrack excerpt). “A spellbinding, thought provoking film about the Rom – America’s hidden, sometimes romanticized and often oppressed people.” (Taos Talking Pictures).

- written, produced and directed by Jasmine Dellal
- featuring in order of appearance: Grover & Lippie Marks & family / James & Jane Marks & family / Professor Ian Hancock / William Duna & family

"American Gypsy" trailer from Jasmine Dellal, Little Dust on Vimeo.

Synopsis:...There are one million Gypsies, or Rom, in America, who most people know nothing about. Never before has a camera been allowed in to explore their world. Shot over the course of five years, this feature documentary tells the lyrical tale of one Romani family in the United States who have broken the wall of secrecy surrounding their people. AMERICAN GYPSY follows the story of Jimmy Marks, a flamboyant community leader who becomes passionately obsessed with fighting a civil rights battle to defend his family, his history and his honor. His journey carries us into the Romani culture with scenes of Gypsies from around the world celebrating New Year in Las Vegas; the arranged marriage of teenagers; and car salesmen in Stetson hats driving Cadillacs. AMERICAN GYPSY is a glimpse of an immigrant world that is either on the verge of extinction or at a critical turning point for survival. It is a world that most of us have never had the chance to visit because this is the first time it is being presented on screen...

....“Here’s a population who’s a stranger in everybody’s land, and yet the language survives and the culture survives and why should that be? I believe fundamental to the survival is this notion of purity and pollution: you keep to yourselves in order to remain pure, and as soon as you go into the non-Gypsy world you are entering a danger zone".– Dr. Ian Hancock, professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

Running Time: 79’40″
Year of Release: 2000
Sound: Stereo
Language: English (& Romani)
Original Format: Betacam
Country of Origin: USA
Screening Format: Betacam SP (NTSC or PAL available) A film transfer is anticipated.
Original Format: Betacam SP (NTSC)
Preview format: DVD (NTSC or PAL available)

****AMERICAN GYPSY Educational DVD....
This Educational/Instutional DVD set comes with Public Performance Rights (PPR – up to 100 individuals) so Libraries, Universities, Public and Private Schools, Galleries, Institutions, and Community Cent ( to screen the film for students, congregations, and members (up to 100 individuals).

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