Sunday, October 20, 2013

Farruquito - Abolengo

Una pequeña muestra del espectáculo Abolengo de Farruquito realizado en el Festival de Jerez 2013 junto a Karime Amaya.

Farruquito, Juan Manuel Fernandez Montoya was born in Seville in 1982, son of flamenco singer El Moreno and dancer La Farruca. He is also the grandson of one of the greatest dancers in the history of flamenco, El Farruco, which gives him a flamenco background that is second to none.

His first stage appearance was at the age of five when he performed along side his grandfather in the show Flamenco Puro, which premiered on Broadway, but it was his role in the Carlos Sauras film Flamenco that was to be his springboard into the world of flamenco fame. ...{más}

Karime Amaya was born in Mexico and, as can be deduced from her surname, she belongs to the glorious Amaya dynasty. In fact, she is the great-niece of the great Carmen Amaya. She wanted to be a vet, but the pull of her flamenco roots was stronger – when she was very small she could already distinguish all the palos of flamenco – and, when she was 12, she began to train as a bailaora at the academy her family had set up in Mexico City. Winy’s daughter made the leap to Spain at the hands of the bailaor Antonio Canales. Since then, Karime Amaya has performed at the best-known tablaos in the country and has worked with artists like Manuela Carrasco. Hers is an art learned in the diaspora but faithful to tradition, like that of the legendary bailaora from Somorrostro Carmen Amaya.

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