Saturday, September 14, 2013

Antonio Mairena _ Rito y Geografïa del cante Flamenco _ English subtitles

Rito y Geografïa del cante Flamenco, vol. 10, chapter 1
broadcast 84 : "ANTONIO MAIRENA" - 2 July 1973

Antonio Mairena (vcl) & Manuel Morao (gtr)
1. Soleá
2. Malagueña
3. Bulerías
4. Seguiriya
5. Corridos o Romances

Antonio Cruz García, known as Antonio Mairena (Mairena del Alcor, Seville Province, Spain, 1909 – Seville, 1983) was a famous flamenco singer. He led the movement towards the revival of traditional flamenco in the fifties and subsequent decades. García was born in a Gypsy family of blacksmiths and learned to sing in the family environment. An important personality of flamenco, he was the main leader of a movement of flamenco artists and intellectuals who tried to rescue a type of flamenco, which they considered to be pure or authentic. He rescued or recreated a high number of songs that had been almost lost, and also published several books and articles to divulge his views on flamenco and flamenco history. He considered himself as heir to the art of Manuel Torre, the most classic flamenco singer from Jerez, and also acknowledged the influence of other masters like Tomás Pavón or Joaquín el de la Paula. {more}

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