Saturday, August 17, 2013

“La Familla Campallo”

Rafael and Adela Campallo were born in the famous Sevillan quarter Cerro del Aguila, into a family with an extensive flamenco tradition. 

Adela soon became part of an ensemble founded by her parents, “La Familla Campallo”, and so she made her debut at a mere 9-year-old. She also was instructed by maestros such as Jose Galvan and Manolo Marin.

In 2004 then, the “Campalleria” show hit the stages. In this show, she shared the lead role with her brother Rafael Campallo, also a flamenco dancer. This production was also performed in Japan and at the Festival the Jerez of 2003. Shortly afterwards, Adela went solo. A performance at the Teatro Central in her hometown made her an absolute public favorite and lead to many positive press reviews.

Adela Campallo was also part of Javier Latorre’s company when they staged the piece “Rinconete y Cortadillo” in all major theatres of Spain. Afterwards, she collaborated with Farruquito in “Alma Vieja” and with Andres Marin in “Mas Alla del Tiempo”. Early 2006, she performed at the USA Flamenco Festival and at the Festival de Jerez, where she participated in the “Gala de Andalucia” show.

Since 2007, she is also the face of the well-known American audiovisual brand BOSE.
Only recently, she danced the lead role of the Greek tragicomedy MEDEA under the artistic guidance of Pilar Távora. The play was first performed in Greece, July 2007. Now in February 2009, she staged at the Festival de Jerez alongside of Juan Diego and Angel Muñoz and in July she was the special guest at the first performance of her brother Rafael Campallo’s show “Puente de Triana”, the last act of the flamenco festival at Mont-de-Marsan, France.

Rafael Campallo began his study of dance at the age of eleven with José Galván and later with Manolo Marín. He showed his talent quickly, performing solo or as guest artist in Spain and Japan at the age of 16.

His dance resume includes a long list of successful and critically-acclaimed performances, working with great flamenco artists such as María Pagés, Manuela Carrasco, Manuel Soler, José Antoni, and Juana Amaya. He has danced in many cities around the world. His dancing has been featured in a DVD entitled 'Rafael Campallo. Jóvenes maestros del baile flamenco’.

From the early days of his career, he has received much attention for the quality of his dancing. Critics have raved about his lightning-fast footwork, his musicality, his expressive choreography, and his stage presence.

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