Wednesday, June 19, 2013


CONTIGO, the new CD by the spanish-french-german-palestine flamenco-group AZULEO combines intense Flamenco bulerías with laid back rumba, and jazz-tinged Arabic sounds.

In the opening buleria “Almendra Amarga,” the charismatic vocals of the charming Elena Botica are highlighted along with the driving guitar playing of Abel Sánchez, Jonas Fehrenberg’s spontaneous bass and cajón, Joseph Carpentier’s stylish saxophone, all punctuated by the spirited rhythms of Romeo Natour on percussion and cajón.

AZULEO’s CD is a wonderful surprise. Its' collection of twelve selections certainly offers up a variety of sounds. Tight ensemble playing, creative arrangements, and memorable singing all come together in this expressive uniquely original CD with solid musicianship. Members are connected in the same improvisational pulse. Each track is tuneful and rhythmic with multi-layered grooves, splashes of Middle Eastern flavors and lilting soundscapes. Loaded with musical energy, their tunes meander their way across the enthusiastic musical terrain creating inspiring & infectious rhythms.

A delightful feast of flamenco, jazz and Arabic rhythms.

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