Sunday, February 17, 2013

La Chana-Doce Tiempos TEASER


"I was born to dance. At night I lay awake with my head under the pillow, repeating rhythms in my head until they became a part of me. "-The Chana

In the sixties and seventies Antonia Santiago Amador (1946), known as La Chana, revolutionized the world of flamenco. The dancer, who was born and raised in Barcelona in an environment of extreme poverty, burst onto the scene at age fourteen in full golden age of flamenco. The innovative style of the dancer, self-taught, dazzled the public, both for his innovative rhythmic combinations, nothing traditional, and its speed, expression and unprecedented force. At the height of his career, La Chana disappeared from the stage. (more here)

Per a més informació, podeu respondre aquest mail o trucar al centre cívic, a l'atenció de Susana. Susana Moreno (comunicació), Centre Cívic Besòs, Rambla de Prim, 87-89 - 08019 Barcelona, Telf.: 93 256 49 01 - Fax: 93 256 49 22 - comunicacio@ccbesos-org

La Chana-Doce Tiempos TEASER (extended) from Lucija Stojevic on Vimeo.

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