Sunday, January 20, 2013

Promo DANZAORA de Rocío Molina

“The word “danzaora” was born of the need to define the expression of a new language in the universe of dance and ballet: the “danzaora” language of Rocio Molina. This is not only about a title or a performance, it’s about a personal language that is able to integrate different artistic schools, such as Flamenco dance, classical dance, Spanish classical dance or the schools of “bolera” and traditional popular dance, and it should not be confused with Modern dance. Were we to call Rocio Molina “bailaora”, the definition would be as unjust as it is incomplete and inaccurate. It would rank as a semi-definition, as the weight of the different schools of dance is notable. And should we, on the contrary, define her as a dancer or a ballerina, we would be casting a shadow on the richness of her position and formation in Flamenco.

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