Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Marco Flores - "DE FLAMENCAS" - Gran Teatro de Córdoba 2010 - English Subtitles

Marco Flores perfected his training in Seville with Javier Latorre, Antonio Canales, and Javier Barón. His professional experience began in tablaos and Andalusian festivals. In 2001 he joined Sara Baras’s Company in the show "Juana la Loca"(Crazy Juana). Also that year he participated in the production "Amargo" Rafael Amargo’s Company.Since 2002 he formed part of the cast of dancers from Rafaela Carrasco’s company, with whom he premiered works such as "Una mirada del flamenco” (A look at flamenco). He also participated in repeatedly and as a soloist in "Poet in New York" from the Rafael Amargo company. In 2003 he began his solo projects. He founded the ESS3 Movement Dance Company with Olga Pericet, Daniel Doña and Manuel Linan. This dancer from Granada also premiered in August 2005 in the production "Two’s Company." He also continues to collaborate with other companies, as in the case of "gestures of a woman" by Mercedes Ruiz.

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