Sunday, July 22, 2012

Domingo Ortega "Sólo Domingo II "

The art of silence, the eloquence of the unstated.

...“But the big moment is yet to come. Domingo Ortega is one of the biggest talents of his generation. Despite his obvious technical command, he knows and revels in the importance of subtlety and the rejection of acrobatics. God is in the details, and this apostle knows how to incorporate the best elements of Canales, Galván, Barón and Farruquito, without looking like any one of them. Domingo Ortega is the art of silence, the eloquence of the unstated, fleeing at each moment from technical displays and the quest for easy applause, relying always on the power of compás. A dancer of clean and totally original lines, despite the diverse influences reflected. Domingo Ortega possesses the all-important virtue of knowing what he can do and never miscalculating, each movement is carried out to its ultimate consequences and every cell of his organism is accomplice to the task.” (Show review, Feb. 2007 ‘’ by Estela Zatania)

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