Sunday, April 1, 2012


A young Antonio de la Malena singing con Moraito Chico playing Seguirillas. 1973!!!!! This is the full addition with English subtitles.
This film was made possible through the financial support of NTR television and the Dutch Flamenco Biennial.
Cinematographer and director Martijn van Beenen and Ernestina van de Noort director of the Dutch Flamenco Biennial to travel to Jerez de la Frontera in search of the roots of flamenco. They met three generations of guitarists: Manuel Morao, Moraíto Chico and Diego del Morao. 

The Morao gypsy dynasty has put an indelible mark on the flamenco style from Jerez de la Frontera, one of the most prominent breeding grounds of flamenco. It emerged on the land around Jerez on the large farms where gypsies worked as day labourers. María Bala (76), sister of the great singer Manuel Soto Sordera and one of the last keepers of the old cante jondo, demonstrates how the primitive flamenco singing of the past sounded. With Manuel Morao, Moraíto Chico, Diego del Morao, Jesús Méndez, María Bala, José Mercé, Diego Carrasco y familia, El Bo, Chícharo and many others. 

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  1. What a rare treat to see and listen to El Cante Bueno Duele.
    thank you so much.


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