Sunday, February 26, 2012


Finally! I have been looking for this video for ever. Extraordinary documentary and video footage of Mario Maya.

Filmed by Romani Director: Kata Bársony

In Spanish with English subtitles. 27:02

This episode explores the amazing world of the Spanish Gitanos through the unique story of the influential flamenco dancer Mario Maya and his incredible family. 

The documentary is the last film shot of the world’s most innovative and influential flamenco dancer Mario Maya. Mundi Romani travels to Granada in Andalusia, Spain, to discover the amazing world of the Gitanos (Spanish Roma) through the unique story of the Maya family. The film explores the little known history of flamenco, an art form of the marginalized inspired by centuries of persecution that eventually lead Spanish Roma to lose knowledge of their language. Amidst adversity and exclusion, the Maya story explores genius, perseverance, empowerment and beauty.

Winner Best Visual Coverage Prize 2008 at the 5th Ethnic Minority Film Festival, Central and Eastern Europe.

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