Sunday, December 18, 2011

MANOLO SANLUCAR - Iberia de Carlos Saura

Manolo Sanlucar at the I Congreso
Internacional de Flamenco, 11/ 2011.
Manolo Sanlucar interpreta Torre Bermeja. 2ª Guitarra - Manuel Dominguez Macias. Percusion - Jorge Aguilar Enciso y Francisco Gonzalez Agudo. Palmas - Carlos Carmona y Sarai Carmona. Baile - La familia de Antonio el Pipa, tia Juana,tia Antonia,tia Curra y tia Salvaora.

Composer and concert guitarist, Manolo Sanlúcar was born in the picturesque town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Cadiz, Andalucia, on 21 November 1943. Together with Paco de Lucía and Serranito, Manolo Sanlucar revolutionised concert guitar playing in the twentieth century. His ability to innovate and his continuous search for new possibilities have led him to compose works that have a strong personal emphasis, which is always related to what he calls learned music, but without losing its Andalusian flavour. In fact, he was the first artist who brought flamenco to the Teatro Real in Madrid. Fantasia para guitarra y orquesta, Trebujena, Medea and Soleá -which were performed by the Ballet Nacional de España- Tauromagia and Aljibe are some of his works. Several young artists who are now great guitarists were once his protegés, like Vicente Amigo and Rafael Riqueni.

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  1. Super cool videos. More Manolo Sanlucar please, he is one of my favorite guitarists!


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