Thursday, November 3, 2011


Wow, Here is a Wonderful Doc Trailer Generating Quite a Buzz!

Preview trailer for the screening at the 31st Hawaii International Film Festival.
Halekulani Golden Orchid Award: Documentary Feature Nominees
Porajmos, the Romani Holocaust, was the World War II genocide of approximately 90% of the peoples known as Roma, Romani, Gypsy, and Sinti. Gripping first person accounts of the remaining survivors help A PEOPLE UNCOUNTED tell this overshadowed piece of history. This film traces the tragic history of oppression experienced by a people commonly used as scapegoats but also known for their contributions to performing arts and culture.

A PEOPLE UNCOUNTED asks the viewer if we are heading down the same path of genocide as World War II. As they fight for basic human rights the enduring spirit and
survival of these people gives hope that a better society is possible.
Synopsis written by: Jeff Kent
Robi Botos Music Director, Kurt Engfehr Editor, Tom Rasky Producer, Marc Swenker Producer, Stephen Whitehead Cinematographer, Aaron Yeger Director

Here is an expanded version with an interview with the director.

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