Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"VERTIGES du flamenco a la transe" by Tony Gatlif + "Latcho Drom" Footage!

Un spectacle musical de Tony Gatlif et Lucky Losada. (1:21:31)

Baile: J
ose Maya, Prado y Kelian Jimenez, Niño de Los Reyes, Pol, Monica, Susana, Rosana, Karin Gonzalez, Rim Charabeh - Toque: Ivan Losada, Jose Muños, Francisco Javier Salazar, Sergio Leonardi - Cante: Salva, Antonio EL Cancu, Maria Del mar Fernandez, La Caita, Samar Charifi, Erica Serre

In 1992, Tony Gatlif throws himself into the adventure of Latcho Drom, a hymn to the music of Sinti and Roma. With a small team, he sets out on the trail of the Sinti and Roma, on a musical journey that takes him over an entire year of Rajasthan to Andalusia, via Egypt, Romania, Hungary and France. (Editor's Note: Amazingly, this documentary has no narration. Gatlif's genius lets the music and imagery speak for themselves.) In 1997, he describes the film Gadjo Dilo - the arrival of a young Gadjos (i.e. non-Rom) in a Roma village in Romania looking for a missing singer. Touching and refreshing at the same time, the film was a great success in France and abroad. The following year, Tony Gatlif takes the now famous pair of Gadjo Dilo, Romain Duris and Rona Hartner, this time for the freedom-fighting film Je suis né d’une cigogneVengo (2000) describes the rivalry between two Andalucian families. It enabled Gatlif for the first time to work with one of the greatest flamenco dancers Antonio Canales. Swing (2002) was filmed in eastern France, and describes the encounter of Max, a young boy who wants to learn Django Reinhardt’s guitar playing. Exile, again with Romain Duris in the leading role, (2004) Tony Gatlif’s 14th Feature film. Exile celebrated its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival as Gatlif won for 'best director.'

"VERTIGES du flamenco a la transe", June 2007, a documentary from Tony Gatlif and Lucky Losada is an amazing blend of Spanish flamenco, along with Moorish songs and rhythms. (In French & Spanish)

Latcho Drom!!!

Here are a few of my FAVORITE "Latcho Drom" snippets. Tony you are amazing. 

This video segment from Latcho Drom is so funky and soulful! Wow!

And, who could forget this gem!!!

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