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Documental: Manuel Agujetas ¡¡ÚNICO!! Parte 1

Manuel Agujetas, living legend of Gypsy Flamenco accompanied by Manuel Valencia

Agujetas' singing is rough like the first sip of whiskey. -From the film "Agujetas Cantaor"

Spanish Gypsy flamenco legend Manuel Agujetas, is an outstanding, controversial singer - anarchic and unpredictable. Born Manuel de los Santos Pastor in Jerez de la Frontera in 1939, Agujetas is one of the most important figures in the history of flamenco. Heir to the Spanish Gypsy tradition of singing blacksmiths, Agujetas worked in his falther's forge until 1970, when he made his first recording. He has achieved international recognition for his singing of the stunningly intense form of flamenco, cante jondo (deep song), which includes flamenco's purest, ancient styles such as martinetes and siguiriyas. He appears in Carlos Saura's film "Flamenco" and in Dominique Abel's documentary "Agujetas, Cantaor".
Agujetas will be joined by dancer Kanako and the superb young Gypsy guitarist Manuel Valencia of Jerez de la Frontera, a student of both maestro Manuel Morao and Gerardo Núñez and the nephew of Terremoto, from whom he learned to accompany the cante.

Santa Cruz: Tuesday, May 15, 7pm Buy Tickets
Los Angeles: Friday, May 18, 8pm Buy Tickets
Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, 4800 Hollywood Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90027
Berkeley: Sunday, May 20, 8pm Buy Tickets

Phone: 510-444-2820

Más videos e información sobre de importantes figuras del flamenco de "Vida Flamenca!"

Documental sobre cantaor Manuel Agujetas
A Film by Dominque Abel

Documental que le hicieron a Manuel en el 98, llamado Agujetas, cantaor, gracias a este documental se conocen muchos aspectos de este gran cantaor. Para mí es el mejor y punto.

Manuel de los Santos Pastor, also known as Agujetas (b. Rota, Spain, 1939) is a living legend and one of the most important figures in the history of flamenco. The son of legendary singer El Viejo Agujetas, he worked in his father's blacksmith forge until he went to Madrid as a teenager to sing in the flamenco nightclubs there. He has recorded over 10 albums and appears in Carlos Saura's film Flamenco and in Dominique Abel's documentary Agujetas, Cantaor. He is the father of singers Dolores Agujetas and Antonio Agujetas.

Videos aquí!
Documental: Manuel Agujetas ¡¡ÚNICO!! Parte 1
Documental: Manuel Agujetas ¡¡ÚNICO!! Parte 2
Documental: Manuel Agujetas ¡ÚNICO! parte 3
Documental: Manuel Agujetas ¡¡ÚNICO!! parte 4
Documental: Manuel Agujetas ¡¡ÚNICO!! parte 5
Documental: Manuel Agujetas ¡¡ÚNICO!! parte 6

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