Saturday, July 9, 2011

COM.FLAMENCO ~ Rocío Molina

New Video from "VINATICA" posted below!

En flamencos de palabra, la bailaora malagueña Rocío Molina y en la despedida, imágenes de la actuación del guitarrista José Antonio Rodríguez en los Jueves Flamencos de Cajasol.
Rocío Molina was born in Málaga in 1984. She started dancing as early as age three, when she began her professional training, completing her career in 2002 at the Real Conservatorio de Danza de Madrid, graduating with full marks.

In 2001 she joined María Pagés’s company, choreographing one of the numbers in the production titled “Las Cuatro Estaciones” (The Four Seasons), touring throughout Italy, Japan, Canada and The United States, where she took part in the Andalusian Gala at the New York City Center.

In 2003 she again took part in the USA Flamenco Festival, performing as a soloist, together with Manuela Carrasco and Chocolate, and forming a duo with Israel Galván.

Rocío Molina’s latest creation is titled “Almario”. It was premiered at the Villamarta Theatre during the Jerez Festival and was directed by Miguel Serrano. In “Almario” Rocío lays bare her manner of dance and reveals flamenco in its purest state. “Almario” has been described as “an almost perfect work in which the young dancer from Málaga is herself again and commands with the intensity of her intelligence, creativity and absolute courage, marking the beginning of a new era in female flamenco dancing” (Estela Zatania, journalist, deflamenco.

Actuación de Rocío Molina "Vinática" en el Gran Teatro con motivo del Festival de la Guitarra de Córdoba 2011


  1. Great posting about the baile genious Rocío Molina, Premio Nacional de Danza 2010 as the youngets flamenco dancer ever. "Almario" (2007) is nevertheless by no means her latest creation. She has presented five major works since then. I saw her latest, Vinática, in Gran Teatro de Córdoba on July 10th. She blew our minds away, never to be forgotten:

  2. Thank you for the video share! I adore Rocio, and appreciate your alerting me to this more recent show addition. Gracias!


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