Monday, May 28, 2012

Por El Flamenco

The journey of a loving Israeli couple into the depths of the flamenco scene in Granada, Spain, becomes the personal journey of one man to the roots of his own sadness. His accidental encounter with Yoel - an Israeli flamenco guitarist living in Andalucia, sparks the beginning of the shared journey into the heart of gypsy flamenco culture. His exploration of flamenco culture turns into an obsession, leaving behind his loved-one together with his previous life. The journey leads to encounters with fascinating characters of folk flamenco while at the same time taking us through an emotional odyssey in search of personal identity. A chronicle of love in the heart of Andalucia's world of flamenco - A film about passion and loss.

(Doc., 52 min. Mini DVD/DV, 2009)
Directed & Produced by: Shem Shemy
Written by: Shem Shemy & Tom Barkay
Sponsored by: Yes-Docu, Israel, Action Media productions
Language: Spanish with English subtitles

Los Angeles Alert -- Kambiz siting in this doc!

‘Barrull, A Flamenco Legacy’

‘Barrull, A Flamenco Legacy’ is a show that reflects Jairo’s unique gypsy flamenco upbringing and his very unique personal style of footwork.  A style that was pioneered by his father Ramón Barrull at the end of the 70s and later adopted and extended by Jairo into his own style, a dance style that is followed by many young contemporary flamenco dancers today.  Jairo Barrull, an internationally successful gypsy flamenco dancer from Seville, Spain, has been performing since he was 7 years old.  His family are the well-known ‘Los Negros de Ronda’, whose artistic legacy stems back to the 18th century.  Jairo has performed with notable flamenco artists such as 'El Chocolate', Aurora Vargas, Concha Vargas, Angelita Vargas, Gabriel de la Tomasa, Juana Amaya, Farruquito, Carmen Cortes and Gerardo Núñez.  

Venue: Chelmsford Civic Theatre, Fairfield Road, Chelmsford, Essex  CM1 1JG
Date: 29th June 2012
Time: 7.45pm
Tickets: £15, Concessions-£13
To purchase tickets please visit  or ring the theatre box office on 01245 606505

Entrevista con Jairo Barrull para su espectaculo nuevo 'Barrull'
fechas - 31 de mayo/31st May Los Jueves Flamencos, Sevilla 29 de junio/29th June at the Chelmsford Civic Theatre, United Kingdom

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Belén López, Bailaora
Extractos selectos de la actuación de Belén López en la noche de Casa Patas, en el marco del espectáculo ofrecido junto a Kelian Jiménez. Acompañado por Juan Jiménez y Antonio Sánchez al toque, Juan José Amador "El Perre" y Pepe "El Bocaíllo" al cante, y Luis Amador y El Chispas a la percusión.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

La Paquera de Jerez y Parrilla de Jerez - Bulerias por Solea

Arte flamenco. Cante: La Paquera de Jerez; Toque: Parrilla de Jerez

Francisca Méndez Garrido, was born in Calle Cerro Fuerte, Jerez, in 1934, and spent the last half of the twentieth century at the center of flamenco activity. She became a kind of matriarch of the flamenco of Jerez de la Frontera and spent many years performing in the tablaos of Madrid and Seville. In 1971 she was awarded the Niña de los Peines trophy at the Cordoba Nacional Concurso de Cante Flamenco. She is one of the most majestic singers to come out of Jerez de la Frontera in the last century and she gained the title of Queen of the buleriás. She was like a volcano waiting to erupt, her soleares and bulerias were performed with fire and deep emotion and her tientos and fandangos executed with that indefinable art of the gypsies of Jerez. Although La Paquera was a cuchichi or half gypsy, she possessed that quality that the gypsies seem to be able to inject into their flamenco, a colorful, exciting flow of rhythm and heart rending song
. In her long career she has worked with many guitarists of Jerez, including the brothers Manuel and Juan Morao but her favorite accompanist was Parrillita de Jerez. La Paquera de Jerrez was a symbol of all that is good within her race, she sang with a source of emotional impact that only seems possible from the gypsies of Jerez de la Frontera. La Paquera died at the age of seventy, in Jerez de la Frontera in 2004. She will be remembered as one of the giants of female flamenco.