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Pepe Habichuela & Family, Parte 1 y 2

This Documentation is composed of various segments of the documentary "The Flamenco Clan." I have selected only scenes about Pepe Habichuela and edited them together!

Flamenco Ghetto - Spain

I don't agree with this word "Ghetto" at all!!! Who are these bloody Australian Journeyman Pictures people? Whatever, the documentary is still worth posting. I'm fascinated to find anything with English subtitling or dubbed about Flamenco. Your thoughts mi familia flamenca? Am I the only one, or should I just let it go?

They are not allowing embed, so here is the site link:

Fiery taps and stern looks define a stirring flamenco performance. For those who can master it, there's money in it.

But flamenco started life as the lament of an oppressed people who left India centuries ago before some settled in Spain -- the gypsies. Today their inspiration comes from the Seville ghetto. It's so run down the state no longer collects rent. The police barely patrol here -- outsiders enter only with permission. Gypsy dons Ramon and Jose are in charge, a pair who have made their fortune from flamenco. Today they foster new talent. Many of their songs recall centuries of racist abuse, where speaking their language could mean your tongue was ripped out. 'We had to express ourselves in this way' says Ramon. 'With flamenco we sing our sadness, our joys and all our feelings'. Flamenco's power is deep within -- a force called duende -- the spirit -- that can be moved by great sadness or joy. For the ghetto youth, life's harshness has given them great emotion to draw on.

Produced by ABC Australia
Distributed by Journeyman Pictures

"Hola, Flamenco" Official Trailer

COMING SPRING 2012. Visit for more information!

Directed by: Avatar St. Louis

Featuring: Merengue de Cordoba, Emilio Maya, El Malagueno, Ana Otero, Miguel Vargas (not pictured) Adi Akiva, Eva Pinero, Guillermo Guillen, Rafael Mendoza, "Margarita," Luiz Cortez, Sara Ramirez Alvarez, Ana de Haro

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In the U.S.: "Kumpania" Los Angeles Flamenco

The mysterious pull of an old Spanish Romani art form on a group of contemporary musicians in Los Angeles is the essence of the documentary film "KUMPANIA Flamenco Los Angeles."

Directed by Katina Dunn, Cinematography by Avi Cohen, Film Editing by Noah Berlow & Executive Produced by Kevin Dunn.
  An official selection of The Buffalo International Film Festival 2011.

Starring Antonio De Jerez, Vanessa Acosta-Albalos, Mizuho Sato, Briseyda Zarate Fernandez, Jose Tanaka, Timo Nunez, Paloma Rios, Kai Narezo, Tony Triana, Gerardo Morales, Gabriel Lautaro Osuna, Joey Heredia, Deborah Lawler and Bruce Bisenz. 

Katina Dunn was a journalist for decades starting at City News Bureau in Chicago and The SouthTown Economist, publishing in the Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Reader and Newsweek, among other periodicals. As a teenager, she studied at the Art Institute and American Academy of Art. She graduated Northwestern University in 1980. Later,  she was Image Editor and columnist at the Orange County Register and founded the Mt. Wilson Observer newsweekly in 2008. She studied filmmaking with Film Independent and the International Documentary Association. In 2010, she was accepted to Werner Herzog's Rogue Film School.

©Copyright 2011 by Piece O'Work Productions, all rights reserved

In the U.S.: Indian Cante - Flamenco Hindu - Roma / Gypsy roots concert - Oliver Rajamani

Rajamani (Texas Indian Gypsy) singing a deep song in his style blending Spanish with Tamil. It may sound like flamenco music but it is not. It is what Rajamani creates and performs. Rajamani's music portrays the ancient roots of Roma/Gypsy music.

In the U.S.: Gypsy Davy Trailer

When an American white-boy with Alabama roots becomes a Spanish Flamenco guitarist in Andalucian boots, what happens along the way and behind the scenes? The film tells the story of David Jones, stage name: "David Serva," through his five women and five children—one of whom is the director. After all, who knows the man who came and saw and conquered, “strumming their pain with his fingers, killing them softly with his song,” better than they? A tale about self-invention and the pursuit-of-happiness (no matter the cost to others), part duel and part duet—between a camera pointing daughter and a guitar wielding father—GYPSY DAVY is a personal and political portrait of a man, a family, a generation.

DAVID SERVA has accompanied such historical figures of flamenco as Juan Talega, Manolito de Maria, La Perla de Cadiz, Anzonini del Puerto and Fernanda de Utrera, more contemporary artists including Manuel Agujetas, Miguel Funi, Manolete, Mario Maya, and Blanca del Rey, and younger figures such as Joaquin Ruiz, Soledad Barrios, and Jose Torres de Moron. He plays in Flamenco nightclubs and festivals all over Spain and has participated in the Bienal del Arte Flamenco de Sevilla with Gypsy flamenco artists from the towns of Moron and Lebrija. He was first guitarist for several years for the acclaimed company "Noche Flamenca," and has received two grants from "Meet the Composer" for collaborations with choreographers. His solo concert in Toronto (Son Gitano en America) is available on compact disc, and he has also recorded extensively with three generations of the Agujetas family of singers from Jerez de la Frontera, with Antonio Vizarraga, and with Rafael Jimenez "El Falo".

"Gypsy Davy" Trailer won't post to my blog, see it here:

In the U.S.: Flamenco in San Antonio

Entre Flamenco Company was founded by Antonio Granjero in 1998. Based originally in Madrid, Spain, and under other working title and name, the company traveled throughout the Iberian peninsula being presented in places like the Palau de la Musica de Barcelona, Festival de Verano de la Communidad de Madrid and Ciclos Culturales de Alcala de Henares (Madrid). Later, the company has traveled throughout the United States and Central America performing in Houston Hobby Center (Houston, TX), Charline McCombs Empire Theatre (San Antonio, TX), Festival Flamenco de Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA) and Teatro National de Panama ( Panama City, Panama).

In the U.S.: Spanish Day: the Documentary (teaser)

A preview for the upcoming flamenco documentary: "Spanish Day" (working title), that I shot over the summer in Andalucía, Spain. Including the great cantaora Ines Bacan!

About Ethan Margolis, founder Arte y PurezaHe is a resident of Seville who has devoted his life to preserving Gypsy music and dance from southern Spain. He founded an ensemble for that purpose, whose Spanish title means “art and purity.” Read more:

About Cihtli OcampoA life-changing moment can occur after deep soul-searching. Or it can sneak up and wallop you when you're brushing your teeth or watching a baseball game. 

Arte y Pureza Productions

Opre Roma: Gypsies in Canada - PREVIEW

This film celebrates the culture and struggle of the Gypsy. There is a new generation of Roma who claim their Gypsy roots with pride, while fighting the myths that caused their parents to live in fear. They call themselves by their rightful name, the Roma. The Roma people have suffered almost a thousand years of persecution - from European Slavery to the Holocaust - yet they have survived as a unique global culture. The film explores the music and culture borne out of centuries of exile. Opre Roma invites you to a wedding and to an evening of flamenco dance, with songs from Turkey, Romania, Spain, the Czech Republic and Slovakia that relate a shared experience telling the story of what it means to be Roma.

a film by Tony Papa
distributed by Documentary Educational Resources


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MANOLO SANLUCAR - Iberia de Carlos Saura

Manolo Sanlucar at the I Congreso
Internacional de Flamenco, 11/ 2011.
Manolo Sanlucar interpreta Torre Bermeja. 2ª Guitarra - Manuel Dominguez Macias. Percusion - Jorge Aguilar Enciso y Francisco Gonzalez Agudo. Palmas - Carlos Carmona y Sarai Carmona. Baile - La familia de Antonio el Pipa, tia Juana,tia Antonia,tia Curra y tia Salvaora.

Composer and concert guitarist, Manolo Sanlúcar was born in the picturesque town of Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Cadiz, Andalucia, on 21 November 1943. Together with Paco de Lucía and Serranito, Manolo Sanlucar revolutionised concert guitar playing in the twentieth century. His ability to innovate and his continuous search for new possibilities have led him to compose works that have a strong personal emphasis, which is always related to what he calls learned music, but without losing its Andalusian flavour. In fact, he was the first artist who brought flamenco to the Teatro Real in Madrid. Fantasia para guitarra y orquesta, Trebujena, Medea and Soleá -which were performed by the Ballet Nacional de España- Tauromagia and Aljibe are some of his works. Several young artists who are now great guitarists were once his protegés, like Vicente Amigo and Rafael Riqueni.

Moraíto Chico - New "Flamenco, Flamenco" Video Post

Moraíto Chico II, a Flamenco guitarist from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, has produced solo albums as well as being the regular accompanist for José Mercé, Diego Carrasco and other popular flamenco singers. His real name is Manuel Moreno Junquera, and he was born in 1955. He is the nephew of the original Moraíto (Manuel Moreno a.k.a. Manuel Morao), and son of the original Moraíto Chico (Juan Moreno).
El guitarrista jerezano Manuel Moreno Junquera (Jerez, 1956), más conocido como Moraíto Chico por la dinastía flamenca a la que pertenecía, ha fallecido esta mañana a consecuencia de una enfermedad en el hospital de Jerez. El guitarrista, nacido en uno de los barrios insignia del flamenco, el de Santiago, y acompañante durante numerosos años del cantaor José Mercé, era el máximo representante actual del estilo de toque jerezano, definido fundamentalmente por su peculiar sentido del compás. Sus restos mortales van a ser velados en el Tanatorio de Jerez, donde mañana se oficiará su funeral antes de ser enterrado en el cementario de la misma localidad. {mas}

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Enough cannot be said for the amazing archive of videos from Madrid's-own Casa Patas Tablao and Foundation. Hold on to your hats y gracias Casa Patas this kid is amazing!!!

Extractos del cante por bulerías de Abraham Motos "Morenito de Caño-Roto", en su debut en la noche de Casa Patas y en el marco del espectáculo ofrecido por Auxi Fernández y Kelian Jiménez. Acompañado por Monty e Iván Losada en guitarras, Lucky Losada en percusión, Saúl Quiróz y Miguel "De la Tolea" en cante. Fin de Fiesta con Paloma Fantova, Ricardo (su padre), amigos y familiares.  --  08 de Enero de 2010

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